Organic Lemongrass Body Wash


Size: 12 fl.oz

DESCRIPTION: A citrus stimulus that envelopes your senses and delights your epidermis. Our moisturizing recipe of resplendently refreshing suds has a rich, lush lather that rinses cleanly. No harshness, just goodness.  Made for daily use by all.

Certified to the USDA organic standards. A superior clean for you and the environment!

INGREDIENTS: Water, Organic Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide* (none remains in final product), Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Guar Gum, Lemongrass Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Orange Oil, Lemon Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Rosemary Extract, Organic Aloe Vera.    (*used to saponify the organic oils into soap, but none remains in final product)

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