B Corp


Not all companies use business just for profits. Some actually believe in using business for good, too. They’re called “B Corps,” and we’ve proudly been one since 2011.

To become a B Corp, we first underwent a rigorous assessment of our business practices, products, and processes by a third party non-profit called B Lab, and we had to meet high levels of transparency and accountability for our social and environmental performance. Second, we amended our company bylaws to broaden our definition of “shareholder” to “stakeholder,” which can include the community and environment, not just profits. But it doesn’t end there. Every two years we go through a re-certification process and review how we are progressing on our sustainable and socially-responsible metrics and goals.

The B Corp certification review and framework is one of the most comprehensive analyses of business sustainability, and we’re honored to be part of such a forward-thinking community.


Please visit www.bcorporation.net to read more.